Blog feed not updating facebook updating firmware huawei e220

They don't seem to be in any hurry to fix either, from what Google has to to add to the confusion...

I just tried to validate them in the W3C feed validator.

So, I too am wondering if anyone has found any resolution to this conumdrum?

By now i've used this workaround find here basti said: (I) How to get your own status feed with newer accounts OWN status feed: 1. format=RSS20&id=xxxxxxxxxxx The big number is the unique numeric ID (which all events/people/groups/pages have), and if it's not in the URL, you can find it by using, with yyyyyy being the unique username (not necessarily numeric)thanks for your recent post; #9 .. format=RSS20&id=133650406967 Run Cron to update and this error shows: Message A feed could not be found at Have it import into a pre-setup content type that you make -- something like a "Social stream item" content type or whatever.And use custom filters module to do things like links Twitter @mentions, #hashtags, and text.All the importers can create that single "Social stream item" node type, but you can have each apply a different default filter so that only Twitter gets the @mention/#hashtag filter.The only thing I had trouble with was the following: The privacy setting for your own messages and pictures has to be set to Everyone for the Graph API to access your data. Your full url will then be something like this: You can use the given Access Token to get the full feed-url: you have the privacy set to Friends Only and then change it to Everyone, this will only work for new messages. access_token=Your_Access_Token Hopefully this will help others a bit.

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This should work for any facebook entity with a wall: format=RSS20&id=133650406967 When i use it as a link in the user account for the activitystream Facebook Status RSS feed URL: the user & viewer are the same id; when i replace those values w. what am I asking of Facebook & the person on the account to get this to render.. Use the jsonpath or xpath parser modules to parse the feed, whatever it is.

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